In 2020, the world shifted. Now we have an opportunity to design the trajectory of where we go from here.

where do we begin?

The question is,

Which model do we follow? How do we practically deal with massive challenges, like climate change? How can we future-proof our businesses and build more resilient communities? How can we leave a positive legacy for future generations?

Build naturally.

Think naturally.

Build opportunities to fundamentally change the way we think, behave, and create. Inspire a new sense of exploration, unearthing a passion for business that will reform how you live and work.

leaders, entrepreneurs, pioneers, and curious minds.

Calling all

This online course will teach you how to practically apply biomimicry and create your own bio-inspired product or solution. We will teach you how to increase your professional and personal resilience. You will identify what drives you and how to leverage the lens of biomimicry to transform the way you think, behave, and create. You will learn natural principles for how to safely shift rooted, outdated systems towards true sustainability.

Course curriculum

This course will be delivered over eight consecutive weeks, starting January 11, 2021. As a cohort, you will get eight video lessons, an incredible interactive workbook, access to the Biomimicry Commons community, weekly coaching, and access to examples of practical applications, featured in our case study presentation.

  • 01


    • Intro trailer

    • Welcome to Inspired by Nature!

  • 02

    MODULE 1 | The Biomimicry Mindset

    • 1.1 Foundations | Our Personal Assumptions

    • 1.2 Foundations | Shifting the Lens

    • BONUS VID: The Adaptive Cycle

  • 03

    MODULE 2 | Harnessing Nature's Genius

    • 2.1 Harnessing Nature's Genius | Creative Disruption

    • 2.2 Harnessing Nature's Genius | Biology to Design

    • 2.3 Harnessing Nature's Genius | Prototyping

  • 04

    MODULE 3 | Building Your Biomimetic Future

    • 3.1 Building a Biomimetic Future | Your Purpose

    • Bonus Video - A Declaration

    • 3.2 Building a Biomimetic Future | Design to Biology

    • 3.3 Building a Biomimetic Future | Tools

  • 05


    • Case Studies - Biomimicry Frontiers

Limited to the first 20 applicants.

Starting January 11, 2021 we are opening Inspired by Nature to our first cohort of global applicants

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Learn the mindset of biomimicry, build your own company, or apply nature's genius to your biggest challenges. Shift the way you view the world.

  • Weekly coaching

  • Tools and methods

  • Interactive workbooks

  • A cohort of innovators

  • Case studies

  • Lifetime access to nature's best ideas

Become a founding member of this growing movement.

"When you pave over life, you pave over the commons, the genius is in the commons."

Lead the next evolution of design thinking.

Meet your instructor

Jamie Miller

Jamie is the President of Biomimicry Frontiers - an award-winning sustainability consultancy in Guelph, Canada. He created Biomimicry Frontiers after receiving a Ph.D. in 2016 in engineering, where he studied urban resilience and systems-level biomimicry. In 2019, Jamie started the Biomimicry Commons, which Fast Company named a "World Changing Idea". Prior to that, Jamie was co-director of OCAD University's biomimicry program and was trained by Janine Benyus on the deeper principles of biomimicry education. Jamie's journey in biomimicry started in 2004, when his perception of nature and design shifted from learning about the Fibonacci sequence in nature. Ever since then, he has been on a journey to uncover the design secrets of the natural world and apply them to our biggest challenges.

Jamie Miller

President, Biomimicry Frontiers

Here's what people are saying about working with Jamie:


“Got more than what I expected. A group of people who I am now connected with and a way of thinking that has changed my business and my perspective. ”

President, Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Robert Stein

“I’ve found this whole other toolbox of ideas and sources that I can draw on for so many aspects of my personal life and my professional life”

CMO, B+H Architects

Jennifer Futol

“Jamie is a thoughtful, passionate, and articulate person who cares deeply about who his students are and where they are coming from. He effectively parlays his talent for understanding people into designing curriculum that is engaging, informative, and relevant to his students. ”

Fellow, Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research

Syed Imran Ali, PhD

“As we are embarking on global solutions to climate change - we need people to infuse this mentality, this lens, into everything that we do. It’s crucial that we start to think this way. ”

Development Officer, David Suzuki Foundation

Alex Portman

“His instruction was thoughtful, mindful, and effective. He compelled the attention of every student in his class with his sense of humor, but more importantly because he was a great communicator.”

Accessibility Specialist, Human Space

Haley Rae Dinnall-Atkinson

“All I can say is WOW. I am grateful that you've been able to harness both the simplicity and complexity of nature to invent what is better for the world ”

Biomimicry Workshop, 2018


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  • What am I going to learn in this course?

    You will learn the mindset, methods, and tools for how to practically apply biomimicry. We focus on pairing your purpose to your pursuit and giving you methods and examples for how to take an idea from concept to reality. We spend significant time exploring systems-based biomimicry to better understand how to shift established systems and encourage resilience.

  • Will biomimicry apply to me and my profession?

    You do not need to be an engineer, biologist or designer to take this course - biomimicry can teach us about social systems, organizational behaviour, economics, manufacturing, art, communication, materials, colour, and many other strategies that relate to multiple sectors.

  • How much of a time committment is this?

    For eight weeks, you can expect to spend three hours per week. Each video is between 3-12 minutes long and there are nine in total. Each video is accompanied by a workbook and two hours of available coaching.

  • Do I need to know about biology to take the course?

    No, biomimicry is not about what you know about biology, it’s about looking at it from a different lens. This is often better done with fresh eyes.

  • Do I need to be an entrepreneur or a business owner to take this course?

    No, you do not need to be an entrepreneur or a business owner but you do have to have a pioneering attitude and the desire to explore a relatively undervalued way of thinking. However, we do focus on entrepreneurs and businesses that want to shift their focus to a more sustainable model.

  • Do I need to have prior knowledge of biomimicry?

    No, you can start fresh and get a strong understanding of the concept through this course. Come as you are.

  • What if I'm not fully satisified with the course?

    If you are not fully satisfied after you've completed the course and the coaching, we will provide a 100% refund.

  • Will I get a certificate for completing the course?